August in Review

You know, I’d really rather be writing something of a little more substance here, but life is what it is. For now, about the best I can do is record my recent activities. For your edification and for posterity, I guess. Because I’m sure you’re interested. Right?

In My Neighborhood

  • The city is getting ready to do some major work on our street. They’ve put out surveying stakes and No Parking signs so far. We’ve heard rumors that the two ginormous pine trees will be coming down, the street will be lowered and widened, and sidewalks will be installed. We’ll be interested to watch all that during the next few weeks.
  • So much smoke! We had a couple of weeks where the skies were just winter-gray with smoke from the fires in Washington and British Columbia. We could smell the fires. It was not pleasant. The smoke still lingers but it’s not as bad as it was mid-August.


  • Weekend trip to Cascade, Idaho for church camp
  • Weekend trip to the Selway River for a camp-out

Social Activities

  • Visiting with my sister-in-law and nieces at church camp (Sadly, my brother couldn’t make it.)
  • Rathdrum Days Planning Committee thank-you party
  • Sunday evening services in our home with friends
  • Camping with friends
    • Blackberry picking
    • Huckleberry hunting (no luck!)
    • Wild plum picking
    • Playing in the river
    • Cooking over the fire
    • Board games

Business Activities

  • Post Falls Women in Business lunch
  • Rathdrum Chamber of Commerce lunch
  • Post Falls Chamber of Commerce coffee meeting
  • Moose on a Mission golf tournament (No, I didn’t play golf. I manned the Rathdrum Chamber booth for a few hours.)
  • Post Falls Chamber of Commerce lunch (where I won the 4 tickets to a Spokane Indians baseball game)
  • North Idaho Fair where we had a booth

Recreational Activities

  • Camping, of course
  • Spokane Indians baseball game (Not being much of a sports fan, I didn’t go. Lyle and his brother each took a daughter.)
  • North Idaho Fair… yes, it was mostly business for me, but also recreational for the family.
  • Weekend ATV rides in the mountains

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