A Walk in the Park

walk01Lately I’ve been trying to fit more walking into my lifestyle. A few Saturdays ago I convinced Lyle and Rebecca (and Cookie) to go with me for a walk in the park by our house. It has a pretty extensive walking trail… and it’s just down the street… but in the almost-two years we’ve lived here I had never visited this park. The girls had been a few times, so Rebecca knew her way around.
walk02It was a lovely fall day. It had snowed a few days earlier so there was still a little snow in the shady spots, but the temperature was warm enough to not need a jacket.walk03 There is a pretty little creek in the middle of the park. Lyle discovered (with the c:geo app on his phone) that there was a geocache hidden near the creek. After checking the coordinates he figured out that it was on the other side of the creek.walk04I was trying to rack up steps on my TrioMotionFit device so I hiked on down the path a little ways and crossed a foot-bridge, then circled back around to where the geocache supposedly was.
walk05Lyle couldn’t be bothered with that. He found it easier to jump from rock to rock to cross the creek.
walk06According to the app the cache was hidden in the rocks among the bushes, but we never did find it. I wonder if the snow obscured the hiding place. Even though it was a warm day, we weren’t too eager to dig around in the snow. So we finally gave up and logged that one as a DNF (did not find).
walk07 Further along the trail I spotted a handy flirting bench. And what do you know? There was even a handsome man nearby for me to flirt with!

(Our girls used to call rest benches along trails “flirting benches” I guess because it seemed like a romantic place for Mom and Dad to sit and “flirt.”)walk08We could even see the mountains off in the distance from the flirting bench.

Now that I know how nice that trail is, I’ll probably take advantage of it more often for logging my daily walking goals. That is, when the snow goes away. I’m not all that interested in walking in snow.


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