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I’m not sure I dare admit that I spent this past weekend at a writer’s retreat, because then I would have to admit that I’ve officially started my novel. That’s exciting for me, but very scary at the same time because, you see, if I start it, I have to finish it, right? And if I finish it, you’re probably gonna wanna read it, right? That’s the scary part.

The hard part is the actual writing. I’ve been studying and practicing, and when it came time to put pen to paper fingers to keyboard I discovered how much more I still have to learn. However, I was extremely blessed that my friend and mentor, Susan Marlow, was also there. She basically took me by the hand and let me along step by step, reading, discussing, and critiquing as I went along. I can’t tell you how invaluable her help and encouragement was.

I know I would have spent the weekend writing something if she hadn’t been there, but I can pretty much guarantee you that I wouldn’t have come away with the actual first chapter of my novel! It is very, very rough, and needs desperately to be fleshed out some more… so no, you can’t read it yet.

The fun part is that I can’t wait to see what happens to my character next, and who she might meet along the way. It’s like reading a book, but even better, because I get to decide what happens.

So, okay, I’ll admit it. I did spend the weekend writing. My work area was out on the deck in the shade of a big pine tree with a spectacular view of Loon Lake.

I could sure get used to an “office” like that!


Speaking of Susan, she’s working on her third series of books for kids. I’ve told you before about her first series, Circle C Adventures, and then her spin-off series for younger readers, Circle C Beginnings. Her newest series is called Goldtown Adventures and will appeal more to boys. The first two books in the Goldtown series are already at the publisher. Book 1 is due out in November, and Book 2 in the spring. So she was working on Book 3 at the retreat.

It was a lot of fun to help her brainstorm ideas for her story… but I have no doubt at all that she was far more help to me than I was to her. Maybe I can pay it forward some day?


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