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The Workbasket Magazine

Several years ago, while out garage-saling, I “scored” a stack of 25 vintage Workbasket magazines from the early 1950s for $2! At the time I was thinking there might be some vintage crochet patterns I would enjoy making… but there is, oh, so much more! Just so many “precious” things, I have to share.

The Workbasket was very popular in its day. It was published from 1935 to 1996, if my research is correct. It seems to me that my mother had a subscription to it when I was growing up in the 1970s. I don’t remember that it was especially interesting to me at that time. Although, I was an avid reader and I even crocheted as a young person. I think I just couldn’t properly appreciate the house-wifey kinds of advice at that time.

Anybody else remember The Workbasket?

Today’s round-up features clippings from some of these vintage Workbasket magazines from the 1950s. Clippings with commentary, that is. From me. Somewhat irreverent commentary at that.

In which I mostly poke fun at the mid-century American housewife:

In which I try my hand at a few of the vintage patterns:


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