Vintage Tins

I am fascinated with tiny tins. I love that Altoids mints come in little tins. Other than that, I can’t really think of anything else that comes in a small tin these days, can you?

Years ago lots of things came in tins. Now it’s mostly paper or cardboard boxes, or even just plastic wrappers. I wonder if there was a time when it was cheaper to make a tin out of, well, tin, than it was to make a cardboard box? I wouldn’t think so, but I wonder why they did use tins more in the past?

I have a small collection of funny little vintage tins. They were (and are) very handy for “repurposing” which is, I’m sure, why these are still around.
The Doans Pills tin belonged to my grandparents. It seems they kept matches in it.

The two square tins were typewriter ribbon tins, and the round one was Scotch tape. A friend gave these to me. The Scotch tape tin had straight pins in it. I think the square ones were empty when I got them. Probably just waiting for some practical use to come along.
What tiny tins do you remember?

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