Vintage Christmas Radio Shows

My family is headed out on a cross-country road trip for Christmas. We are so excited because we don’t have the opportunity to travel as much as we would like, plus we don’t usually get to be with extended family for the holidays.

As we drive we love to listen to old-time radio shows. We subscribe to XM Radio so I mostly keep it set to Radio Classics, Channel 148. However, I also like to listen “on demand” (with shows I choose, rather than whatever happens to be scheduled).

I have the Old Time Radio app on my phone which gives me access to hundreds of streaming episodes. But I have also downloaded a few shows for access off-line.

Here are some of my Christmas favorites available for free download:

The Aldrich Family

12-21-1952. Christmas Eve with the Family

Fibber McGee & Molly

12-15-1942. Misplaced Christmas Money
12-22-1942. Listening to Christmas Carols
12-21-1943. Looking for a Christmas Tree
12-19-1944. Fibber Snoops for Presents in Closet
12-18-1945. Fibber Paints the Christmas Tree White
12-25-1945. Doc’s Gift to McGee
12-24-1946. Fixing Broken Toys for Needy Children
12-16-1947. Making a Fruit Cake from Family Recipe
12-06-1949. Making Christmas Cards

The Great Gildersleeve

12-21-1941. Christmas Gift for McGee
12-20-1942. Christmas 1942
12-24-1944. Christmas Eve Program
12-23-1945. Christmas at Home
12-25-1946. Christmas Caroling at Home
12-10-1947. Christmas Shopping
12-24-1947. Christmas Stray Puppy
12-20-1950. Why the Chimes Rang

Hallmark Playhouse

12-23-1948. The Story of Silent Night

Life of Riley

12-17-1944. Christmas Present
12-24-1946. First Christmas
12-27-1947. Special Christmas Present
12-24-1948. Christmas Bonus from Mr. Stevenson

Lum & Abner

12-24-1942. Lum & Abner’s Christmas Train Set
12-21-1944. Lum Wants a Leather Desk Set for Christmas
12-25-1944. Lum & Abner’s Traditional Christmas Program

Lux Radio Theater

03-10-1947. It’s a Wonderful Life

The Six Shooter

12-20-1953. Britt Ponsett’s Christmas Carol

Wishing you a wonderful Christmas wherever you may be this year!


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