A tumble-down log cabin…

On our drive in the mountains the other day, we passed this intriguing old building in a clearing by the side of the road. I just had to stop and take some pictures! Wanna explore it with me?
I thought you did! C’mon! Let’s go a little closer!
I wonder if the tree growing in the middle of it helps support the front of it? Otherwise, it may have collapsed even further!
I wonder if this was originally a window or a door?
There are 3 windows along the back. They are so low to the ground we had to stoop to look through them. I think they were probably originally higher but have settled as the house slowly collapses.
Let’s peek inside from a back window…
Isn’t it interesting how tightly the corners still fit together?
Backing up a little to get the full view of the house from the back…
And here’s the other side. See how the roof slanted toward the front?
I wonder who lived here? And when it was built?
This is silver mining country, so maybe it was related to that? Although, the building does seem to be larger and more elaborate (with all those windows) than I imagine miners took time to construct. Maybe it was a store?
Looking inside the house from the front…And admiring the moss growing on the logs…

Later in the day we came back past the old tumble-down cabin. The sun no longer shone in the clearing, but it was lovely lighting up the mountains in the background.

In a way, it seems a shame that the old house is going to ruins, with no historical marker or other information as to who worked so hard to build a home in this remote place. But then again, sometimes the “archaeologist” in me likes to speculate on ruins left to the elements to deteriorate!

It just offers so much “scope for the imagination”, don’t you think?

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