Travel Stats for Tuesday/Wednesday

Continuing this week’s whirlwind travelogue…

Time in Missouri with family for Dad Cook’s funeral: not quite 21 hours.
Departed Missouri Military Cemetery at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri: 1:45 p.m. CDT on Tuesday.
Hours driven: 27.5
Hours slept: 3.5
Miles driven: 1,783 miles [I drove twice coming home for a total of about 200 miles while Lyle slept a little more. Otherwise, he did all the driving.]
Average speed: 64.4 mph
Fuel mileage: 33.4 mpg
States: Missouri, Iowa, South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho
Time zones: 3
Wildlife spotted: Not much on the way home. Saw a dead skunk on the road, but I guess roadkill doesn’t exactly count as wildlife, though, does it? Saw a squirrel at a rest area.
Weather: rain in Missouri for about the first 6 hours yesterday afternoon, very cold with snow on the ground in South Dakota through the night, snow flurries in eastern Montana this morning, warm and sunny across central and western Montana this afternoon.
Audio books: finished The Racketeer, started Forbidden by Ted Dekker.
Car Talk podcast: 2 episodes
Other audio: Sunday’s sermon from our home church, Sirius radio channels– Road Dog, Radio Classics, Laugh USA, Enlighten.
Arrived home: 7:00 p.m. PDT on Wednesday.
Thursday’s destination: Redmond, Washington for the Christian Heritage conference.

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  • Farrah

    No, road kill doesn't count. If it did, we hit the record on our way to Idaho from Indiana 14 years ago. There was a stretch of road where we probably stopped counting in the 20's. We'd never seen so many dead animals, nor have we since. We wondered if some sort of cult or sicko was leaving them by the road. It was unreal and extremely creepy.

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