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Today I’m sharing a little travel quiz I picked up from Girl on the Move. Feel free to keep it going! Be sure to let me know if you do because I’d like to read your answers.

What is your favorite seat on the airplane?

First of all, I should say that I really don’t enjoy flying. I’m not afraid to fly. That doesn’t bother me. It’s just that commercial planes are so cramped and crowded that I don’t enjoy it. Airplane seating is not designed for the comfort of those of us who are “vertically gifted.” I was able to fly Business Class on my trip to Alaska this past year, and that wasn’t too bad, because I had more leg room.

I will always take an exit row if I can. If not, I’ll take a front row seat, even though it doesn’t give me under-the-seat space to stash my purse. And if that’s not available, I’ll settle for an aisle seat, just so I can stick my legs out in the aisle. I’d really rather have a window seat to see the view, so I love it when the plane is not very full and I can have the row to myself. That doesn’t happen very often.

What is your favorite photo on, of, or from a plane?

I can’t say I’m terribly impressed with any of my plane photos, but here’s a collage from the past couple of years:


What is your favorite snack and drink onboard?

I usually have Coke Zero (my soft drink of choice). If it’s an early morning flight I’ll ask for coffee. Occasionally I’ll have ginger ale. I like to take Peanut M&Ms or just plain peanuts in my bag for a travel snack.

What is your favorite way to pack your bag? Roll vs fold?

Usually roll, but it depends on the bag I’m taking and what I need to take besides clothes. I try to pack light when I fly so I can get by with just a carry-on. Currently my favorite carry-on bag is the Weekender from Vera Bradley. It is roomy enough for everything I need for a weekend trip and has great pockets for organization.

What is your favorite activity onboard?

I like to listen to audio books and crochet. Sometimes I’ll read or work the Sudoku puzzle in the airline magazine.

What is your favorite weekend trip?

When we lived in Idaho my favorite weekend trip was a road trip to the coast for Lyle’s birthday. We did that 2 or 3 summers in a row. We haven’t started the “weekend road trip” tradition here in Colorado yet, due to finances, but maybe we can before too long.

Just for the record, my favorite weekend trips do not include flying.

What is your favorite layover airport?

This is funny to say since I now live in Denver, so it’s not a layover airport for me anymore, but I like the Denver airport. I once spent 10 hours at DIA waiting for my flight. I actually enjoy having time on a layover to explore the airport.

What is your favorite season to travel?

Spring. I love seeing how the season is progressing in different parts of the country. It can be late spring down south, and still very early spring up north.

Who is your favorite travel buddy/companion?

Do you have to ask? That handsome man I’m married to, of course. He’s a world-class driver and an all-around fun travel companion.


What is your favorite event to travel a long distance for?

I’ve traveled many, many miles for homeschool conventions over the years, but that’s for work, so I can’t say that’s my favorite. If I had to pick an event I would probably say a family reunion.

But honestly, I love long road trips just for the sake of going– no event involved. I find those the most relaxing and enjoyable.

Do you prefer flying or road trips when you travel? I’d really like to know.


  • Farrah

    What a fun quiz! 😀 Denver was my layover airport too! (I spent the night sleeping under some chairs a couple Decembers ago, haha.) And yay for rolling everything! I do that too! 😛

  • girlonthemoveblog

    Love these answers! My only complaint about the Denver airpot it it’s distance from the city because if I have a long layover I sometimes like to sneak and visit the city! Thanks for sharing the quiz and linking up with Travel Tales!

  • Kids Are A Trip

    I loved reading your answers. I really like the legroom in exit rows too, but flying with kids usually makes that non an option. Also, the Denver airport would be great, but I feel like every time I fly through there I have had weather delays. Grrr. I’m guessing that’s why you were there for 10 hours? Also, love that cute Vera Bradley bag. Looks like a good one. Great post!

  • Anonymous

    If I could, I’d magically appear at my destination instantaneously. I don’t like flying or being on the road. The exception is if the drive is fairly short – like three hours or less – and the scenery is fantastic. THEN, I do actually enjoy the drive. 🙂 I NEVER like flying. I consider it a necessary evil to get to my destination faster.

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