The Saga of the Lilacs

Of all the places I’ve ever lived, I think the Denver area has the wackiest weather. Last year the lilacs were just beginning to bloom the week before Mother’s Day. We have a lovely stand of tall lilac bushes along the back of our deck and I was so looking forward to enjoying the delicate color and delightful fragrance of lilacs in full bloom, when we got hit with a late spring snow storm.

Spring snow is wet and heavy. The leaves and blossoms hold the snow and weight the branches down. So that was the end of the lilacs last year. I was hopeful that this year would be different. The weather was milder and the lilacs budded out earlier.

They weren’t quite in full-bloom when we, again, got another spring snow storm. Again, the branches were weighted down with the heavy snow. I was so disappointed, just sure that was the end of lilacs for another year.

However, the temperature hovered just above freezing, so the lilac blossoms were tenaciously hanging on. I thought it still might freeze during the  night last night…

…but it didn’t. This morning, when the sun came out, I was happy to see the branches beginning to spring back up as the snow was melting away.

One large branch had snapped off, so before the flowers had a chance to wilt and die I went out and “harvested” them…

…and arranged them in a lovely bouquet to enjoy indoors.

I’m so glad the lilacs survived this year!

(High drama in my backyard, right?)


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