The Promise of Spring

It’s been a weird winter in our part of the country. December and January were relatively mild with not much snow and moderate temperatures. Instead we had winter all at once for the whole month of February with record-breaking snow fall and single digit/teen temperatures.

It seems like the change to Daylight Saving Time last weekend may have flipped the switch right on cue. Temperatures have been ever-so-slightly warmer, we’ve had a few sunny days, and the snow is beginning to drip from the eaves and turn into puddles on the ground.

We are still a few weeks out from seeing flowers blooming but I’ll take it. The sunshine, mud, and longer daylight hours mean that winter is drawing to a close.

It’s been a busy winter with lots of work projects and business events. Interesting, to be sure, but intense at times. I enjoy my work but maybe not so much all at once.

And so, while we’re still mostly abiding indoors, we’re making plans for the upcoming spring and summer months. I don’t know whether work will slow down any at all, but somehow we plan to try to cram in…

  • a trip to Seattle the end of March
  • my parents’ visit the end of April
  • a writer’s conference the end of May
  • a family reunion the end of June
  • our small-town festival mid-July
  • a campmeeting the end of July
  • the fair the end of August
  • random camping trips throughout the season
  • ATV rides in the mountains every chance we get
  • hanging out at Silverwood theme park
  • visiting Little Free Libraries
  • and always lots of reading

It’s shaping up to be another adventurous summer! I’m glad you’re along for the ride!

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