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    Game Review: IQ Six Pro

    Today I'm reviewing IQ Six Pro from Smart Games. We aren't traveling nearly as much this year as we did last year, but when we do, I like to tuck a compact non-digital game in my bag for the trip. IQ Six Pro is perfect for that.

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    Review: U.S. History Detective, Book 1

    U.S. History Detective Book 1 focuses on American history from the time of the first European explorers interacting with Native Americans through the Reconstruction Era following the Civil War. I feel it would be perfect for a high school level Early American History course if you included a generous selection of corresponding historical novels and biographies.

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    Review: Diamond Quest

    I haven't yet met a Smart Game I didn't like. However, Diamond Quest is one of my favorites so far. I love that it's an non-electronic game that helps strengthen thinking skills with challenges for all ages, from preschool through senior citizens.

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    Game Review: IQ Circuit

    I'm a huge proponent of off-screen activities for road trips. It's hard to create family memories if everyone's focus is on their individual screens. For that reason, I'm always on the lookout for fun travel games and activity books. IQ Circuit is one such game I received for review from Timberdoodle.