Summer Wrap-up

And so the summer is past. It was jam-packed full and went by very quickly. Back in June I shared a list of our plans for the summer. I promised to report back in September to give you an update. Here’s my summer to-do list and how we did:

Summer Activities

  • Visit the Young Living lavender farm in St. Maries, Idaho. 
    • We did, but it turned out they actually grow more “Melissa” mint than lavender at that particular farm.
  • Attend campmeeting in Tacoma, Washington.
  • Attend campmeeting in Cascade, Idaho.
    • Yes.
  • See my brother and his family.

  • Celebrate Lyle’s birthday.
    • In a very low-key way. We were at camp in Cascade on his birthday.
  • Go camping with friends.
    • On Lolo Pass near the Idaho/Montana state line.
  • Go camping with relatives.
    • At Dworshak State Park in central Idaho. We went boating and kayaking that weekend.

  • Get in at least one more “glamping” weekend. 
    • At a KOA near Newport, Washington last weekend.
  • Pick huckleberries.
    • We did while we were camping at Lolo Pass. We didn’t find very many, but we enjoyed the ones  we did find.
  • Have a booth at the North Idaho State Fair.
    • Yes. It was fun. And exhausting.
  • Celebrate Labor Day.
    • By going camping, of course. What else? Sadly there were Stage 2 fire bans on, so we weren’t allowed to have campfires that weekend.

Overall, I think we did pretty well at fitting in all the things we hoped to do. And then some! Here are a few of the things I hope to do this fall.

Fall Plans

  • Decorate for fall.
  • Celebrate Rebecca’s birthday.
  • Go on at least one more camping trip.
  • Finish two crocheted blankets I’ve been working on this summer.
  • Put zipper in sweater I crocheted last spring.
  • Make scarf out of the beautiful yarn my friend Heather brought me from Scotland.
  • Arrange a reading nook in our bedroom.
  • Do some plan-ahead freezer-cooking.
  • Take a trip to the coast.
  • Celebrate our anniversary.
  • Celebrate my birthday.
  • Celebrate Thanksgiving.
  • Blog at least twice a week.

I’m linking up with Leslie and others at Once Upon a Time and Happily Ever After with my “fall bucket list.” What’s on your agenda this fall?


    • Karla Ezell Cook

      I love lists, too. Obviously! For the seasonal “bucket lists” I don’t really set a list of goals but just write out our tentative plans for the upcoming season. It’s interesting to look back and see what actually worked out.

  • mommyhon333

    So glad you joined us!! You did well on your summer list. Where did the summer go, huh? I would have fared better on my list had I had a second August!

    Thought of you when my hubs said I could pick out our accommodations for an upcoming trip to Phoenix for a baseball tournament he will play in. We are staying in an RV!!! So. Cute. I will be channeling my inner Karla while we stay there. I have always loved camping but as an adult, haven’t had much opportunity to do it. This little Air B&B will allow us to have a camping experience complete with wifi, pool, hot tub and electricity.

    I should have added a item on my list committing to blogging on some kind of regular basis. I am all over the place. Maybe I can pencil that in. Twice a week should be doable. But I have been working full-time again and there just aren’t enough hours in the day.

    When you interviewed your parents, did you record them? I would love to do that with my mom but think she would buck at the idea of being recorded.

    Thank you for linking-up with us. We will do updates on the 21st of October and November and our winter bucket list on 12/21.

    • Karla Ezell Cook

      Enjoy your RV stay! That’s the kind I call “glamping”– which is the most fun, in my opinion.

      Yes, blogging twice a week is a challenge for me right now, too, as I also am working full-time. I just threw that out there to motivate me to take the time to do it. We’ll see how that works out for me.

      I did record my parents when I interviewed them, just so it would be easier to have a record of what they said. I tried taking notes as we talked but it wasn’t as spontaneous that way.

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