Summer Plans

Back in the spring I joined with a group of bloggers to share my “Spring Bucket List.” Now that summer has officially arrived, I guess it’s time to update you on how that went. Here’s what I hoped to do:

    • Attend church convention in Tacoma, Washington.
      • Done.
    • Help Rebecca get chickens and build chicken coop.
      • Yes. If you follow her on Instagram you will be thoroughly entertained.
    • Finish the sweater I started crocheting in February.
      • Not quite. I still need to get a zipper. See? This is why I don’t crochet garments very often.
    • Visit at least one waterfall to see the spring run-off.
    • Dewinterize our vintage trailer and go camping.
      • We did do that! And then we turned around and sold it, and bought a different trailer.
    • Design or create a line of greeting cards.
      • I did play around with it some, but I decided not to pursue it, so I’m going to declare that done.
    • Host booths for the print shop at local business fairs.
      • We only ended up doing one, but still, done.
    • Plant sunflowers by the porch.
      • Definitely. And they are growing nicely.
    • Decorate the porch for summer.
      • Yes. I love sitting out there this time of year.
    • Go on a Geocaching day trip.
    • Pick a bouquet of wildflowers.
      • I can’t believe I didn’t do this during the spring. I’ll move it to my summer list.
    • Invite friends over for a cook-out.
      • And one more we didn’t accomplish. Another one to move forward.



Which brings me, naturally, to my…

Summer Bucket List

Our summer calendar is filling up fast, that’s for sure! Here are a few things we hope to do before the summer is over:

      • Pick a bouquet of wildflowers.
      • Invite friends over for a cook-out.
      • Spend a few days with my parents.
      • Celebrate the 4th of July. (How’s that for a vague goal?)
      • Visit the Young Living lavender farm in St. Maries, Idaho. (My mother’s request.)
      • Attend campmeeting in Tacoma, Washington.
      • Attend campmeeting in Cascade, Idaho.
      • See my brother and his family.
      • Celebrate Lyle’s birthday.
      • Go camping with friends.
      • Go camping with relatives.
      • Get in at least one more “glamping” weekend. (My definition of “glamping” is an RV park with full hookups.)
      • Pick huckleberries.
      • Have a booth at the North Idaho State Fair.
      • Celebrate Labor Day.

Most of these things are actually on my calendar, so hopefully we’ll manage to do them. I’ll report back in September and let you know. In the meantime, I’m sure I’ll be reporting on various adventures throughout the summer.

I’m linking up with Leslie and others at Once Upon a Time and Happily Ever After. What’s on your agenda this summer?


  • mommyhon333

    Need to follow your daughter on Instagram. I am sure those chicks are adorable. I think you fared well on you spring list. Question: do sunflowers have to be replanted every year? I can’t remember if that means perennial but I think so. Would love to have a few myself but if I remember correctly, there’s no such thing as a few sunflowers.

    Glad to see your summer post! I am reminded that there is a lavender farm near here that I would like to visit. My list keeps getting longer!

    Can’t believe you guys sold the vintage camper. It was so precious. Is the new camper also older and a project?

    Our 4th sounds like yours…celebrate but not sure what that will look like. Probably sitting on our balcony and watching fireworks in the distance.

    Thank you for the shout out and for joining us, Karla. I am doing an Instagram photo challenge if you are interested and there’s Sentence a Day that is fun. We write a sentence everyday and publish them in a post on the first Thursday of the month.

    • Karla Ezell Cook

      I PMed you with my daughter’s Instagram username, Leslie. I’m sure you’ll enjoy her “girls” antics!

      I think sunflowers do have to be replanted every year. Last year, at the end of the season, I scattered their seeds around on the ground where I wanted them to come up again, and that worked. I added some extra seeds this spring. I have a nice thick clump coming up at the end of the porch.

      The new camper is actually new. Lyle decided he wanted to spend his time actually camping, not working on a project. So that’s why we made the switch.


    Hi Karla, that’s an ambitious summer list… Good for you!

    I would love to know about your booth at the Idaho State fair… What will you be exhibiting?

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