Summer Fun Questions

We are busy doing summer at our house. My parents are visiting this week. They had some things they wanted to do while they were here, and we had some things we wanted to do with them, so I planned out an itinerary for the week.

Just for fun I printed it up and made it sound like they would be staying at a fancy resort. (In actuality, they are sleeping in Rebecca’s room and sharing a bathroom with the rest of the family.)

On other pages I included our plans for each day, menu plans, a map of the area, and more photos.

Yesterday we made a day trip to Montana for the 4th of July. Tomorrow we plan to visit a lavender farm. I’ll be reporting more on those activities later.

In the meantime, I thought I’d join up with the gals over at The Blended Blog for a Summertime Fun questionnaire.

  • Favorite animal. Dog. Specifically our sweet Cookie.
  • Wine or Beer? Neither. I don’t drink alcoholic beverages. So… root beer? Ginger ale? Sparkling cider? Good Girl Moonshine? Something like that.
  • Socks on/off while sleeping? Definitely off! I can’t stand to have socks on in the bed.
  • One piece or two piece swimsuit? One piece. And only in private.
  • Cooking at home or eating out? Mostly cooking a home, but we do enjoy eating out sometimes, too.
  • Pepsi or Coke? Coke has long been my favorite cola, but I actually don’t drink much pop at all any more.
  • Regular or electric toothbrush? Regular.
  • Candy or chocolate? Caramel.
  • Coffee or tea? Coffee, of course!
  • Music or talk radio? Neither. If I listen to anything it’s either audiobooks or Radio Classics (aka Old Time Radio).
  • Chick Flick, Action movie or Documentary? Probably documentary and then chick flick.
  • Regular or mechanical pencil? Mechanical.
  • Swimming or laying out? Is laying in the hammock in the shade with a book an option?
  • Dog or Cat? Dog! See question #1.
  • What do you drive? SUV, Van or Sedan? “My” car is a Chevy Malibu (sedan). Our other car is a Toyota Sequoia (SUV).
  • Early bird catches the worm or night owl? Much to my surprise I’ve discovered that I can be either. (But not both at the same time!)
  • If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be? I’m going to say salad, although that’s not really “one food.” I love variety.
  • While sleeping: phone in room by your side or phone in another room? By my side in case of emergency. We don’t have a landline.
  • Singing in the shower, yes or no? Sure. But not just in the shower. I’m apt to sing any time.
  • Oreo cookies: eat whole, take apart and/or dunk in milk? Eat whole. And dunk.

What have you been up to this summer?

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