Strawberry Season

I love strawberries! Every spring when they come in season, I think of my MawMaw. She is 89 now, but for years she was a ‘berry packer each spring in the strawberry fields of southern Louisiana.
One day last week my uncle took her this carrier of fresh ‘berries that he had picked for her that morning. I love how the green of her shirt perfectly matches the ‘berry tops and sets of her snowy white hair. Isn’t it a beautiful picture?

I remember once, when I was a little girl, I got to go to the ‘berry field with MawMaw. I can’t remember what I did that day, other than wander around watching the proceedings, but MawMaw worked in the packing shed with several other women, sorting the perfect berries from the “culls”. Some of the culls, of course, were rotten, but many of them were simply shaped funny, or too small, or something like that. And the ‘berry packers got to take the culls home! We enjoyed all the fresh ‘berries we wanted, and the rest we made into jam or froze.

Just looking at the pictures makes my mouth water! I wonder if the price of ‘berries has come down for the season around here yet?


  • Dori

    I love that picture too. I was SO happy when Mom sent it to me. I’m gonna scrapbook it! It was so funny when I started buying strawberries in the store how perfect and huge they were. It just now dawned on my why that seemed odd…because when we were growing up we always had the culls (those are better anyway!)

  • Susan Marlow . . .

    Oh, I want a strawberry! LOL
    I LOVE Sonlight. I once considered doing a conference for them, but I was young and shy and had NO CLUE. But now that I’ve done the TOS table I know how FUN it is. Oh, come to my booth at WHO. I’ll be so excited to meet you! I’m having another “cover contest” soon, I hope. I just asked permission to post the 2 cover drafts they sent me this morning. Yes, another chance to win the NEW book, #5. And I don’t know why you are so lucky. We’re talking about a LOT of entries, too!

  • Emily

    I love strawberries and just made some strawberry jam last week. I am hoping to make some raspberry jam as well ~ but raspberries are so expensive right now!! Have a beautiful day!

  • Aliene

    Man, I can tell you don’t know much about strawberries, except how to eat them. But the picture is lovely. Dear old Mom ~ she looks good in the picture. Wish she was as well as she looks.

    If berries go down I might make some more to give away. Like to your Mom and Dad! If big brother is good.

  • Maja

    LOL! I bought fresh strawberries yesterday! I was so hungry for them and my four year old went grocery shopping with me and she was very persuasive…They have gone on sale down here!

  • Terra

    I love the photo of your pretty maw maw and the delicious looking strawberries.
    I love strawberries too, and am happy to see that the Chandler strawberries I planted last year made it through the winter and look very vigorous.

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