Staycation Time

When one has a lovely two weeks off work just to stay home one would naturally make a list of all one would like to accomplish:

  • spring cleaning and decluttering
  • writing and catching up on blogging
  • long walks and photography practice

As well as some just-for-fun activities thrown in:

  • shopping and lunch with friends
  • crocheting and watching movies
  • reading and journaling

One thing that was definitely not on my list:

  • debilitating migraine

Ugh. And it came on in the middle of the night. What’s up with that?

But that was yesterday. Today I’m feeling better, so I’m trying to be purposeful about doing a few of the things on my list. This morning I went shopping and to lunch with a friend.

I haven’t started on this week’s photo challenge yet, but here are the results of last week’s photo challenge. The idea was to find “letters” and spell a word of our choosing. I’m not completely happy with my finds, but I did enjoy this exercise. I’ll definitely be keeping my eye out for other letters.

COOKAnd now I need to get off the computer and work on the ongoing decluttering project.

I’ll be back soon… the Good Lord willin’ and the creek don’t rise. Or another migraine.

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