Spring Update

And again, weeks have gone by without an update… but by now I’m sure you know what that means, right? Busy-ness on the home front!
Last time I posted from Fairbanks, Alaska hoping to report in with pictures of the Northern Lights. Sadly, I didn’t get to see them. I had found out, just a day or two before I left, that often hotels take a shuttle out in the middle of the night if the Lights are out. You can put in a request at the front desk for a wake-up call if they end up taking the van out. I inquired at my hotel, and sure enough, they offered that service. So I put my name on the list… but still no luck. 
I did get to see the Alaska Pipeline. Not that it’s much consolation since it’s always there… not an elusive thing like the Northern Lights.

 Didn’t see any Alaskan wildlife either… but hey, there were moose droppings along the Pipeline! Does that count? No? I didn’t think so.

Speaking of moose droppings… some enterprising outfit has come up with a way to market the stuff! In the souvenir aisle at WalMart, no less. All kinds of “punny” things made with shellacked and preserved moose poop! There was even a “lipstick” that had a label that said, “It won’t heal your chapped lips, but it’ll keep you from licking them!” Um. Yeah. I reckon it would do that!
Home again. It’s been a busy few weeks with a special weekend conference at church, and getting ready again for my next trip: Des Moines, Iowa this weekend.
One evening we enjoyed a double-date with some friends at a pizza place up in the mountains. We ate on the deck overlooking a mountain stream. It’s been a lot of fun to find new “favorite” places as we settle in.
The spring weather here in Colorado has been very fickle. We’ve had some lovely, warm spring days. The tulips and the cherry tree bloomed and faded. Trees have leafed out and the lilacs were in full bloom last week. And then… on Mother’s Day it started snowing. And it snowed for hours. Days even. Well, two days anyway. We ended up with several inches… as in 6 or 8 inches. In mid-May.  I was not amused. We did not move south for this!
Honestly, it wouldn’t have been too bad because, obviously, it is already melting quickly away. However, the heavy, wet snow accumulated on the leaves of the trees, and the weight actually broke several limbs on trees in our yard. We’re waiting to see what the final damage looks like once the snow has completely melted and the trees and lilac bushes have had a chance to recover. We are planning to have Rebecca’s graduation in our backyard in June, so I hope it won’t be too ugly.

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