Spring To-Do List


Spring has finally arrived! Our weather is still very gray, damp, and chilly with many rainy days–but it’s spring! We’re seeing the sun a little more often. The temps are slightly warmer and the snow on the ground is gradually disappearing. The grass is beginning to green up a bit and I’m sure we’ll start seeing buds on the trees and early spring flowers blooming before long.

Some of my blogging friends asked me to participate in a “Spring Bucket List” challenge, so I’ve been considering what to put on mine. As far as I know, there aren’t any rules for the challenge, so I’m going to list some fun things I’d like to do this spring. Not resolutions or goals. Just some “not-my-daily-routine” activities that I want to make time for. The time-frame for this list is from now till the first day of summer.

My 2017 Spring To-Do List

  • Attend church convention in Tacoma, Washington.

  • Help Rebecca get chickens and build chicken coop.

  • Finish the sweater I started crocheting in February.

  • Visit at least one waterfall to see the spring run-off.

  • Dewinterize our vintage trailer and go camping.

  • Design or create a line of greeting cards.

  • Host booths for the print shop at local business fairs.

  • Plant sunflowers by the porch.

  • Decorate the porch for summer.

  • Go on a Geocaching day trip.

[This picture is from a Geocache we found on our trip to the Oregon coast earlier this month. It had a small lock box inside with dozens of keys. Part of the challenge was to dig through the keys to find the right one. It took us a little while but we found it. Clever, huh?]

  • Pick a bouquet of wildflowers.

  • Invite friends over for a cook-out.

What would you like to do for fun this spring? I’d love to know!


  • mommyhon333

    Does this post mean you will be joining us for updates…first one April 27?? So excited! Love that your list has a little bit of everything on it, spiritual, creative, outdoor and indoor activities. I find I really, truly try to do whatever I put on my list. Shame it takes writing it down and blogging about it to inspire me but whatever works.

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