We bought a travel trailer last year, and we are enjoying it so much as we travel on weekends to homeschool conventions. My husband and I think we would love to live on the road, at least for awhile. But that doesn’t seem to be a practical scenario with my husband’s job, so we are glad to have the opportunity to travel on weekends for my work.

Traveling with a trailer is a new experience for me. My husband’s family did it quite a bit when he was growing up, so he knows all the ins-and-outs of it. That’s a big advantage, as far as I’m concerned. I’m afraid it would be a somewhat disasterous experience if we were both as green as I am! I find it so handy to just load up the groceries before we leave home, and then we can eat whenever we stop along the way. We can also actually stretch out on the bed if we need to stop for a nap! (That only happens if we try to drive through the night… which hasn’t happened since we’ve had the trailer… but I’m just sayin’…)

Staying at RV parks or campgrounds is whole ‘nother new experience. We have gone camping quite a bit over the years, but I’m used to tent-camping where you have to “hike” to the bathroom, heat your water in a kettle for washing dishes, and huddle around the fire when you get cold. Nothing wrong with that, when you’re camping… but for traveling that’s not so practical. RV parks usually offer a good bit more in the way of amenities, but the trade-off is in how crowded they feel… rather like a parking lot with shrubs between each rig!

This weekend we’re headed for Kelowna, British Columbia to the Christian Home Educator’s Convention.

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