Road Trip Wrap-Up

 We traveled approximately 4,100 miles in 9 days. That averages out to 450 miles a day, but of course, the distances were different each day. Monday and Friday were the only days we didn’t travel.

 Yesterday was our longest day on the road, from Casper, Wyoming to Post Falls, Idaho. It was 811 miles and took us about 13.5 hours. Lyle did all the driving the entire trip. It’s his Thing, you know. Because we were pulling a trailer, he tried to keep the speed at 65mph or under. That was hard for him.

 I love traveling through the western states and watching the scenery gradually change. It is so unpopulated and the wide open road beckons. Every couple hours I reached for my camera and snapped pictures through the windshield. No signs of green in the roadside grass this far north just yet.

 As we approached the mountains we ran into some light rain, which eventually turned to snow.

Lookout Pass on I-90, on the Montana-Idaho state line, was snow-covered and slippery. That was the only “bad road” we had the entire trip. It was snowing there as we left and still snowing as we came home. I wonder if it snowed there the entire time we were traveling?

That was about an hour-and-a-half from home, and the snowy part was only a few miles. It’s cool and damp at home, but I am confident spring is really just around the corner. Daylight Saving Time helps with that notion.

Needless to say, I have a very long To-Do list today.

“Road Trip Wrap-Up” blog post… Check.

Now I’m off to do the next thing.

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