Road Trip Tallies and Stats

snowyhighwayWe are back from our anniversary road trip. We had a lovely low-key time. Four days just wasn’t long enough. We traveled southwest from here (Denver) through the mountains down into Arizona. We visited the Grand Canyon and then came home a different route through the mountains. It’s what you call “taking the scenic route”… and it was definitely scenic. I took close to 700 pictures. Don’t worry. I don’t intend to post them all.

Here’s our route:DeLorme 2-D Map Document

Travel Stats

  • Time away: 4 days, 3 nights
  • States: Colorado, Arizona
  • Miles: 1,518
  • Average MPG: 40.2
  • Car Talk podcasts listened to: 4

route66Points of Interest






Coffee Shops


Wildlife Tallies

  • lizard – 1
  • squirrel – 1
  • stray dogs – 2
  • wild horses  – 8
  • mule deer: does – 10
  • mule deer: bucks – 5
  • mule deer: dead – 2
  • elk – 1
  • mountain lions – 0
  • bears – 0
  • moose – 0


Lyle logged all the driving hours. Me? I took lots of pictures and got a lot of crocheting done on my Spice of Life afghan as we drove. It was a great weekend.

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