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Review: NIV Journal Bible for Girls

Bible journaling is a creative trend that I’ve been enjoying this past year. I enjoy spending time copying scripture and dwelling on it while I doodle. I’ve found that it’s a way to slow me down to think more deeply about scripture because I tend to read quickly and miss details. I shared a little bit about that last summer.

Almost as soon as I started my first journaling Bible I knew I would want more than one to use for different purposes. That’s why I was so happy to be offered the opportunity to review the NIV Holy Bible for Girls: Journal Edition from Zondervan. I received a free copy in exchange for my honest review.

I was curious to know why this edition was “for Girls.” Obviously, the hardback cover is very feminine and flowery, and I can see that the design would appeal to young girls. But it appeals to this “older girl” as well. It’s a fun design without being overly juvenile, in my opinion. (It’s also available in different designs in pink, purple, and mint. I think they’re all pretty.)

The presentation page matches the cover…

…as does the How to Use This Bible page on the back side of the Presentation page. Personally, I didn’t find that page all that helpful, even for younger girls. It seems like a longer section with more creative suggestions and examples would be a nice feature, because that’s actually all there was in the way of directions for girls who might be just getting started with Bible journaling.

One thing I really do like about it is all the white space throughout. Nice wide lined margins with plenty of space for lettering, doodling, or creative expression. This particular Bible includes no pre-printed illustrations for coloring or embellishing. Which is okay, but I thought it might since it is targeted to girls.

This is the NIV translation which is different than my other journaling Bible and different still than my main Bible. I like having a variety of translations. My personal style of Bible journaling is to do fancy lettering in the margins with colored pens and embellish with washi tape. I got some of both for Christmas so I’m looking forward using them in my new Bible. I’ll show you more pages later after I’ve had a chance to spend more time with it.


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