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For the last couple of years I’ve been tracking my reading with GoodReads. I haven’t participated in any reading challenges lately and I haven’t set any reading goals. Mainly because I suspect I read too much already.

There’s a quote from Louisa May Alcott that describes that condition:

“She is too fond of books, and it has addled her brain.”

Do you think that’s my problem?

Don’t answer that.

In any case, in looking over my GoodReads stats I discovered that I read 119 books in 2017 and 121 books in 2016, which averages out to exactly 10 books a month.

That’s just a little bit ridiculous.

When I asked Lyle to guess how many books I read in a month, surprisingly, he hit it right on the nose.

The thing is I read fast… and I read (mostly) light. Which adds up to a lot of pages.

Maybe I should do a more edifying reading challenge again. I probably will sometime. But for now, here’s what I’ve been reading lately (with affiliate links to Amazon):

Looks like my trend lately is with small-town stories. Any good recommendations in that genre?

In related news: My beloved Kindle Keyboard has met its demise. (We won’t say how.) That model is now obsolete, but apparently still good for a $25 credit on trade-in toward a newer model. I am seriously considering the new Kindle Oasis. It has some really nice features but I can’t quite decide if  they would be worth the extra cost. I’m going to have to mull that one on over for a bit longer. In the meantime, Rebecca has graciously loaned me her basic Kindle which works just fine.

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