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Quiet Times

During the summer months I look forward to having my morning quiet times on the deck just outside the kitchen. It is shady and cool there early in the morning. The breeze rustles the aspen and fir trees along the fence. The chickens cluck contentedly. The dog sniffs around the yard to see if anything has changed overnight. The cat is happy for the company and winds herself around my legs purring. I sip my coffee and open my Bible.

A few weeks ago, at a homeschool convention, I noticed a series of Bible journals offered for sale at another booth. They were handsome volumes with the name of a book of the Bible stamped on the cover. On the inside, the pages were essentially blank with space to write each verse. It was designed so that you would hand-copy that book of the Bible into the journal as a special keepsake. I liked that idea. Notebooks and journals have always “called out” to me, with all the lovely blank pages waiting to be filled. However, each book was something like $15 and truly, I didn’t need a handwritten copy of the Bible to take up space on my shelf or to pass along to my children as an heirloom. So I didn’t buy a journal that day.

I decided, though, that I would enjoy the exercise of copying scripture as part of my personal study. So I picked up a pretty notebook I had on hand and started out with the book of Matthew. I use a red pen for the words of Jesus (just like a red-letter edition of the Bible). So I’ve been in Matthew for about a month now. I’m currently in the middle of Chapter 13. It’s a slow process. Some days I am able to copy more verses than other days, but I’m just taking it as it comes. I have been amazed at how much more I am getting out the scripture just by slowing myself down enough to copy each word. In general, I am a fast reader and it’s hard to force myself to slow down when I’m reading the Bible. This method works for me… and I love it!

I am also still reading One Thousand Gifts. That’s another book I have to force myself to slow down to read. In conjunction with that, I’m also continuing to add to my list of gifts on my Joy Dare page.

Life is challenging and stressful at times. That’s when finding a few minutes each day to spend with the Lord is vitally important to me. I’m grateful that He’s always there.

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