Ozark Mountain Getaway

Since we live in a remote area in the Ozark Mountains it seems a little redundant for us to go stay in a remote Ozark Mountain cabin. But that’s just what we did this past weekend.

Ozark Mountain Cabin

Ozark Mountain Cabin

My cousins have a rustic cabin in the Missouri Ozarks that they rent out on AirBnB. It’s about 3 hours away from where we live so it was a getaway even though the scenery wasn’t all that different.

Ozark Mountain Cabin

It’s a very cozy cabin with a lovely view, even in December. The sunshine was even warm enough on Saturday afternoon for us to enjoy the rocking chairs on the back porch.


It was originally built to be off-grid but they recently upgraded it with a bathroom, electricity, and even wi-fi. Here’s a little video tour:

The Homestead Schoolhouse

We were also interested to see the progress being made on the old-fashioned one-room schoolhouse they are building in Taneyville.

The Homestead Schoolhouse

They are hoping to be ready to open for the 2024-2025 school year, and at the rate they are going I expect they’ll meet that goal.

The Homestead Schoolhouse

As I stood inside the main room and visualized where the desks would be with the nice big windows and country views I thought about how I would have loved attending… or teaching at… a school like that. It’s been exciting to watch the progress.

Though the Amish carpenters walking along the roof ridge was not something I could watch. I snapped a quick picture while they were seated and then turned my back when they stood up to walk. *shudder*

Visit The Homestead Schoolhouse website to follow along throughout the year.

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