Our History Scrapbook


When Rebecca was studying American history in middle school, we created an extensive American history scrapbook. We filled a large binder with blank 3-hole-drilled paper and then labeled each page with a year in the upper right corner. We inserted dividers between the centuries.


I used a variety of resources for filling in our scrapbook including:

  • Sonlight’s timeline figures¬†(purchased)
  • A Journey Through Learning lapbooking pieces (purchased)
  • printable clip-art found online
  • used American history books that I found at thrift stores and then cut apart
  • and some things we just “penciled” in with colored markers


We wrote the president’s name along the right-hand margin of the page, to keep track of who was president when various events happened.


This was a time-consuming project which we worked on for two years. I felt it was worthwhile because Rebecca needs lots of repetition in a variety of ways to retain information.

notebooking05We enjoyed doing and it turned out to be a great way to visually reinforce what we were reading about in our American history course. Plus it made a neat keepsake for Rebecca.

You could easily do something similar for world history or state history. Of course, with world history it would be kinda impossible to do a page for every year, but perhaps centuries (for ancient history) and decades (for more recent history) would work.

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