Our 30th Anniversary

On this day 30 years ago I married my best friend. How could 30 years possibly go by so fast?
30yrsIt seems like it’s been just about as fast as the time it took you to glance at the pictures taken every 10 years!

As I was trying to decide what to say about our anniversary today, I thought I might list 30 tips for having a great marriage. The thing is, while Lyle and I both think we have a wonderful marriage, it’s our marriage. We know what works for us, but we recognize that those things might not work for all couples.

I do know that all relationships take work. We decided early on that our marriage would be a high priority that we were willing to work on. Being “right” all the time or having things “my way” is not worth the strain it puts on our relationship. Learning how to make compromises has been key. It requires give and take on both sides. Sometimes I get “my way” and sometimes he gets “his way”… but usually it’s a matter of talking things through until we can reach an agreement that we are both satisfied with.

30yrs01It is truly a joy to be married to my best friend. We love spending time together, and while we don’t necessarily have similar interests, we do support each other in whatever we do. I am so grateful that God brought us together… November 2, 1985.

{Photo credits: (to the best of my recollection) Paul Cook, Pallie Ezell, Dori Overman}


  • Rowen

    Happy anniversary to you both! Always enjoy reading your blog! My favorite October post was the quilt show one that you were so kind to do!!! Janet and Rowen

  • Sheila @ Making the Most of Every Day

    Happy happy anniversary! Wow what a milestone year too! (I graduated high school in 1985!) I was looking forward to reading your 30 tips! Did you decide not to do them? I would love to hear! I agree that winning an argument is not winning at all if you are on the same team! Next year we celebrate 25. Maybe I’ll do 25 tips…hmmm. We’ll see if I can come up with that many!

    • KarlaCook

      LOL! I didn’t come up with 30 tips. It was just an idea that crossed my mind. I decided that being married 30 years only made me an “expert” on my own marriage… it didn’t necessarily qualify me to counsel others on their marriages. Though I suppose the things we’ve learned might be helpful to others. I had thought about writing about marriage more, so I will definitely give that some thought. A good marriage is a rare treasure!

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