mountain sunset

One Sentence a Day – July

A recap of July in one sentence a day… and a few pictures.


Friday, July 1.

It’s been a somewhat cool summer so far.

Saturday, July 2.

Just because we love to trade cars, we now have a Toyota Sequoia.

Coeur d'Alene National Forest

Sunday, July 3.

We went on a back-roads drive to Jordan Camp, then to Bayview for the fireworks display.

Monday, July 4.

No special celebrations the day of, just grateful for freedom.

Tuesday, July 5.

Sometimes cheap tacos (Taco Tuesday at Del Taco) come in handy.


Wednesday, July 6.

Laura was honored as Employee of the Week at Silverwood this week.

Thursday, July 7.

Laura had the day off so she took Rebecca to Silverwood.

Friday, July 8.

Lovely dinner with our friends, the Bs.

Saturday, July 9.

I helped Lyle install conduit to run electricity out to the detached garage.

Sunday, July 10.

Friends came over in the evening to watch a video of this morning’s message from Wesleyan Bible Church of Lakewood.

Monday, July 11.

I love BLTs in the summer with fresh tomatoes.

Tuesday, July 12.

Summer afternoon showers are best enjoyed on the front porch. (You can hear it on the video above.)

garlic scapes

Wednesday, July 13.

A print shop customer gave me some garlic scapes (which he said are considered a delicacy) from his garden.

Thursday, July 14.

My friend, Barbara, came by to drink iced coffee with me on the porch.

Friday, July 15.

A random passerby came and sat on my porch!


Saturday, July 16.

Rathdrum Days parade in the morning, weiner roast at friends’ in evening.

Sunday, July 17.

We went to the early service at Rathdrum Bible Church.

Monday, July 18.

I love having a salad made of fresh veggies that we grew ourselves.

Tuesday, July 19.

Stopped by an open house party for Beverly’s 90th birthday.

Wednesday, July 20.

Went to DSW in Spokane to get Laura some new shoes for work.

Thursday, July 21.

Represented the print shop at the monthly Chamber of Commerce luncheon.

Friday, July 22.

Friday afternoons are my time for running errands as the shop closes early on Fridays.


Saturday, July 23.

Retrieved our retired geocache near Kellogg.

Sunday, July 24.

Visited Grace Bible Church and saw old friends.

Inspire Bible

Monday, July 25.

Morning coffee and my journaling Bible on the front porch start the day off right.

Pro Print Idaho

Tuesday, July 26.

Took pictures of my coworkers and updated the Progressive Printing website with Team pictures.

mountain sunset

Wednesday, July 27.

Evening drive on nearby back roads to enjoy the sunset.

Thursday, July 28.

Went to Spokane to URM Cash & Carry and Trader Joe’s.

Friday,  July 29.

Afternoon errands included making a couple of deliveries for the print shop and getting groceries.


Saturday, July 30.

Lyle, Rebecca, and I went to Rathdrum Movie Night in the Park and saw Zootopia.

Sunday, July 31.

Lyle and I drove 2.5 hours to Frenchtown, Montana to visit Christian Nation Church.

And now… it’s August!


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