North Idaho Backcountry

 Sunday was a gorgeous day for a backcountry drive and a little Geocaching. The temp was in the high-60s/low-70s all day and it was sunny with pretty puffy clouds. Lyle planned a route taking us down along the St. Joe River and then up over Moon Pass back to I-90 and then home again.

We found 5 Geocaches and were turned back from 3 others we intended to look for. That was all part of the adventure! Can you spot the cache in this picture?

 Being the intrepid explorers we are, we didn’t let a little thing like a Road Closed sign turn us back. The road looked perfectly fine to us, so we decided to keep going (realizing, of course, that we would likely have to turn around).

 And several miles on down the road we found out what Road Closed meant. Maybe “Road Gone” would have been more accurate? Lyle considered the situation and thought he might be able to get past the ravine by driving up on the bank just a little bit. Needless to say, I convinced him otherwise, so we logged that cache as a Did Not Find.

 Later in the day we were turned back on another road by downed trees and snow. We really hadn’t expected snow to be an issue this late in the season, but Lyle and Becky walked ahead and said there was snow over the road just around the curve.

The caches we did find were:

We also stopped by our own cache, Silver Valley View, which we originally placed in 2002. It’s still active, so we checked to make sure it was still in good condition and restocked it with some fresh trade items.

 We enjoyed the beautiful scenery all day long. 

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  • Marie

    WOW! So beautiful! I'm visiting from the Crew. I notice you have a Sonlight URL. Do you sell for SL? I'm exploring SL core E this year and plan to buy it, if I get the money end of it worked out…budget, budget, budget!!
    Thanks for following.

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