Natural Dam

Natural Dam and Other Adventures

Now that spring is creeping in we are beginning to get out and explore the area a little more. Our adventures this past weekend actually started on Wednesday evening when we drove up to Fayetteville to pick up our new-to-us Prius.

New Car

I had the privilege of driving it home that night, with Lyle following me in the pickup. He was eager to check the gas mileage just as soon as we got home, because that’s the whole idea of driving a hybrid car, right?

It was 50.0 mpg right on the nose. I challenged him to beat that! He hasn’t been able to do it because he can’t stand to drive as slow as I do. He’s a better driver, you understand, but I’ve always gotten better gas mileage. I guess that’s a bragging right.

Isn’t it?

Maybe not.

Little Free Libraries

We also hit up a few Little Free Libraries in Fayetteville before we headed home that evening. Just for fun.

We made plans to take a day-trip to Tulsa on Saturday with a back roads route, to get out and explore and try out the new car.

But First Coffee

We started the day with breakfast at the Sweet Bay Coffee Co. in Van Buren and then we headed out through the country.

Interesting Churches

One thing I love to do when we’re driving the back roads is to keep a list of interesting church names. Here are a few we saw on Saturday:

  • Highway 51 Lighthouse Church
  • Powerhouse Church
  • Crossroads Community Church
  • Our Finest Hour Church
  • Congregation of the Mighty New Church Christ Ruled Jesus = Power

Lyle said that last one had to be the most convoluted name ever. We have been puzzling over it ever since. Is it actually supposed to be “Congregation of the Mighty” and then the rest of it is… what? Missing commas? “new church, Christ-ruled, Jesus=Power”?? Anyway, it does appear to be a Christian organization with the cross and name of Jesus on it. So interesting!

More Little Free Libraries

And you know we had to find just a few more Little Free Libraries along the way.

Country Drive

On Sunday afternoon we took a scenic drive on roads closer to home, checking for signs of spring. There is the barest hint of green among the tree branches, the creeks are rippling merrily, and we can hear bird song and peeper frogs.

Once Lyle stopped to check the GPS. The “head of ranch security” from a nearby farm came trotting out to investigate. He all but asked Lyle for his license and registration. Then he proceeded to “apply fluid” to at least one of our tires before he let us go.

True story! If you are familiar with Hank the Cowdog you’ll appreciate the references.

Natural Dam

Our destination for the afternoon was Natural Dam in the Ozark National Forest. It’s about 30 miles from home.

Such a pretty little waterfall. It looks like a fun place to play in the summertime. We’re definitely adding it to our list of places to take friends who come to see us.

I’m excited to be getting out and about more again. Stay tuned for upcoming adventures, whatever they may be, as we get out and explore!

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