My Thanksgiving Birthday

Ezell Family 1966

A number of years ago this happy little family “enjoyed” Thanksgiving dinner in the hospital… because the dimpled little darlin’ had just been born the day before. (The day before Thanksgiving, that is. Not the day before this picture was taken!)

Thanksgiving doesn’t always fall on November 24. You might think it would happen every 7 years, but no. With the confusion that is leap year, my Thanksgiving birthdays seem to just pop up randomly.

  • 1966. Age 1.
  • 1977. Age 12.
  • 1983. Age 18.
  • 1988. Age 23.
  • 1994. Age 29.
  • 2005. Age 40.
  • 2011. Age 46.
  • 2016. Age 51.

Counting today, I’ve had 8 Thanksgiving birthdays so far.

I was trying to determine if there was a pattern to the apparent randomness. Google to the rescue. I found this article on How Often Does My Birthday Fall on Thanksgiving? that explains the pattern like this:

“If your birthday falls on Thanksgiving in a given year, then it falls on Thanksgiving again exactly 28 years later, and three other times in between at intervals of six years, five years, six years, and then eleven years.”

Aren’t you glad you asked? Oh, wait. You didn’t. I was the one who was wondering.

Oh, and… Thanksgiving birthdays? They’re overrated. I think I would have probably enjoyed them more when I was a child, but that was during the eleven year gap. Of course.

Happy Thanksgiving!




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