My “Pioneer” Nook

When I was a new bride in the mid-1980s the country style of decorating was in full swing, and I loved it! But like all styles, we got tired of it and moved on to something else… and now you mostly find decorative items in dusty rose and country blue, and all the ducks and geese collecting dust in the thrift stores.

Recently, though, I decided to re-visit that style of decorating in one small area of my home, with a “pioneer girl” themed “nook”. I was inspired by participating in the “I Remember Laura” Blog-a-Thon and Art Swap hosted by Miss Sandy at Quill Cottage.

I gathered up all my Little House on the Prairie books (including the spin-off series, the picture books, and several LIW biographies) and my set of LHP DVDs and put them together on this small bookcase, and then decorated with a pioneer theme around them, incorporating the pieces I received in the Art Swap. I’m sure I’ll be tweaking it some, but so far I am pleased with it.

My porcelain doll actually has a prairie dress and sunbonnet. I just don’t know where they are right at the moment, and I haven’t bothered to go digging for them because I like her school jumper, too.

Whaddya think? It’s not too 1980’s, is it?


  • Elaine

    I think your nook looks beautiful and classic, like you’ve collected antiques, not ‘country style’… and i love love shadow boxes. I have two of them filled with little nicknacks and memorabilia… I don’t think shadow boxes will ever go out of style!! not if i have anything to say about it lol… thanks for coming to visit me and leaving a sweet comment 🙂

  • Miss Sandy


    I love what you did with your swap items, perfect! This is seriously not too 80’s ~ I had that same country craze back then, little white geese danced cross my kitchen border and yes country blue and mauve were plastered everywhere!

    I especially love the touch of those little black shoes! Thank you so very much for participating it was so much fun.

    Have a wonderful day!

  • Aliene

    Hey! We must be kin. I still like all the 80’s stuff and mauve n
    blue are my favorite colors. I probably have too much of all that
    80’s stuff – but who cares – if we like it?
    Aunt Lene

  • Farrah

    I think it’s wonderful, especially since you are pleased with it. 🙂 That is what matters most!

    I tagged you for a hubby questionnaire! Let me know if you do it! 🙂

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