My Mother’s Gloves

In honor of my parents’ anniversary this week, I thought I would show you my mother’s “going-away” gloves, which she gave me as a keepsake a few years ago, only if I promised to treasure them! (And, oh, I do!)

I love the detail on the edge… the delicate stitching and eyelet cut-outs… and such a pretty pale blue color. She wore them with her brown “going-away” suit that she changed into from her bridal gown.

I found this picture of Mother and Dad as they were getting ready to leave on their “honeymoon” but I was disappointed that she doesn’t have the gloves on in the picture. Mother tells me that no well-dressed young lady ever left the house without her gloves and hat, so I can only assume that she just hadn’t put them on yet because she wasn’t yet going out. But perhaps she can clear up the mystery for us!

Mother, is there more “tell” to this Show & Tell? (To my other readers, my mother posts as “pse” so look for her comment to see if she has the “rest of the story”!)

Update: She did tell a little more about it! And she sent another picture, showing the gloves and the matching hat. (And, oh, my! How my dad looks like my youngest brother in that picture!)

Show and Tell


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