Movie Night in the Park


One of the nice things about living in a little bitty town is how simple and accessible the community activities are. I’m sorry, but I just did not care to join a million (literally! a million!) of my “closest friends” in downtown Denver for the Super Bowl party last winter. Just not my idea of fun. At all. Ever. Thankyouanyway.

But a small town summer Movie Night in the Park? That, I could go for. A couple weeks ago Laura noticed that the Rathdrum Parks and Rec Department would be hosting a free-movie-free-popcorn-bring-your-own-lawn-chair night at a nearby park. They were showing Zootopia. The girls had seen it and enjoyed it, but Lyle and I hadn’t. Laura had to work that night anyway, but Rebecca thought it would be fun to go. So we grabbed our water bottles and a bag of M&Ms along with our bag chairs and headed for the park that evening.


The movie was to start “at dusk” which they estimated would be about 8:30. Looks to me like their estimate could have been just slightly more accurate, based on what time “dusk” was the night before, but in any case the movie didn’t start until about 9:00. So we watched the sunset…


…and the people. As you can imagine, there were a lot of families with little kids running around. They announced when the popcorn was ready, so we went over the concession stand to each get a bag– “One per person per trip please.”


And finally, it was dark enough to see the movie. It had been a really hot day so we didn’t think we would need jackets. We should have known better than that. This is north Idaho. It cools off at night. Even during the hottest part of the summer. We didn’t get too chilled to enjoy the movie, but I have to admit a sweater would have felt nice.

Anyway, it was a very cute movie. Who knew sloths work at the DMV? That explains so much.


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