dog figurine

Meet Sits!

This is Sits! He’s a funny looking little character, isn’t he? But he’s very precious to me.

The facts are these.

Once upon a time, when I was a new bride setting up my first home I came across this goofy little piece of porcelain among my husband’s things.

“What’s this?” I wondered.

“Oh. That’s Sits,” my husband told me matter-of-factly.


“His name is Sits because that’s what he does!” as if that explained everything.

The story goes that when my husband was a little boy his family drove from California to Illinois to visit friends. While they were there the friends gave this figurine to the-little-boy-who-would-grow-up-to-be-my-husband. He told me he named it Sits (because that’s what he does!) and laid on the floor of their van and talked to it all the way home. (This was obviously before there were seat-belt laws.)

I have very vivid memories of my childhood, but my husband does not. So each little tidbit he shares is like a precious jewel… and Sits ties in with that, so that’s why I treasure such a quirky knick-knack.


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