A Man and His Truck

It’s a nice sunny day (for mid-February) and I heard Lyle putzing around out in the garage, so I decided to go out and snap a few pictures of whatever he was doing.

He grinned at me. “Are you going to blog about me again?” he said.

“Why, I hadn’t thought about it. I guess I could. I haven’t blogged in about 10 days. I really need to blog about something!”

“Yeah. I noticed,” he said.

Laura piped up. “Yeah, Mom. Your book reviews have been sitting there long enough! We want a real blog post!”

“Your fans are clamoring for more,” Lyle smirked.

Well… what I really had gone out to take pictures of was our “new” pickup topper. I hadn’t decided whether it was blog-worthy or not… but since my family fans hinted asked for a blog post… here’s the scoop!

See the silver Dodge Ram in pulling our travel-trailer in the picture on my blog header? We traded that truck in on a Toyota Tundra last summer. It was a “down-sizing” decision based on economical reasons, but in many ways we have enjoyed the smaller truck. (Lyle says I need to re-design the blog header with the Tundra in it, but I need to get a good picture of it pulling the trailer before I can.)

The Tundra came with a flat bed cover, but with homeschool convention season just around the corner we really needed more cargo room for all the supplies I take for my Sonlight Curriculum booth. Lyle has been watching Craig’s List for an affordable pick-up topper that would fit. He finally located one yesterday in Lewiston (2 hours away). He called the guy to get the dimensions and they decided it would probably fit, so we headed down there yesterday afternoon. Obviously, it wasn’t designed for this truck… and it’s silver (not “Salsa Red” like the truck) but it meets our needs. I told him it was better to be silver than the wrong color of red or some other contrasting color like blue or green! He agreed with that.

With it being winter it had been awhile since our family had been on a day trip, so we all enjoyed the ride… and as always, Lyle enjoyed the drive.

And now we’re all set to head to Loveland, Colorado in 2 1/2 weeks!


  • RacerDude3

    It goes against my automotive genes to have something that doesn't fit right, but it also doesn't make sense to spend 6 times as much just for cosmetics.
    I'm just tickled it still fits in the garage – barely, by scraping the rubber seal on the door.

    Actually, I just enjoy reading Karla's writing…..someday she will have more time to do what she so enjoys.

  • Dori

    I TOTALLY agree with your family. I LOVE reading YOUR writing. I have to admit, I barely skim the book reviews, mostly because I don't buy books and the chances of me finding one of those used is slim to none. LOVE, love, LOVE the new Tundra, especially the red. We have a Honda Oddesy (sp?) and a Honda Civic…see the trend? BOTH blue…again, see the trend?

  • Keetha Broyles

    Book reviews are fine, but I agree with your family – – – I LOVE this kind of a personal post!

    My hubby doesn't do a lot of messing with his truck, but his boat can eat up HOURS of his time!

    You can tell your hubby he got off pretty easy with just a garage shot – – – I just put a picture of MY hubby in a BUBBLE BATH on my blog, for goodness sakes!

  • Making Memories 1999

    I agree with your mom… I wouldn't have noticed the "misfit." =) Congrats on the new truck AND the topper.

    I, too, like personal posts. It's our "sittin' on the front porch and catchin' up" when we're too far apart to sit on the front porch and catch up! (I thought you might like that.) =)

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