Pine Ridge Public Library

The Pine Ridge Public Library was housed in the Jot ‘Em Down Store. The following is a list of books mentioned throughout the series. I’ve linked to sites where you can download the books in the public domain. Presumably a few aren’t actual books, but just made-up titles.

Reference books:

  • dentist book
  • dictionary
  • doctor book
  • encyclopedia
  • law books

Uncle Henry’s reference book on how to run the jail:

  • Psychological Aspects of Prison Practices

Titles recommended by Professor Sloane:

  • Chromatic Aberration of the Asteroids
  • Nocturnal Mammals Every Child Should Know

Brought in by Grandpap:

  • Dr. Gufflin’s Encyclopedia of Social, Commercial, and General Information: A Practical and Educational Compendium Suited to the Needs of Everyday Life and Designed to Widen the Vistas of the Average Person, Revised Edition, New York City, Copyright 1908

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Also, not related to Lum & Abner, but from that same time period, here is a 7th grade reading list from 1935, as recorded by my great-aunt, Bonnie Shumaker Walker, in her diary.