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One of my [many] hobbies is listening to and collecting Old Time Radio Shows. Hands down, my all-time favorite show is Lum & Abner, which ran almost daily for over 20 years. I have all the existing recorded episodes on MP3, but there are a lot of gaps of “lost shows”. When I found out that this book [of mostly scripts of episodes from the early 1930s that don’t exist in recorded format] was coming out this month I immediately put it on my “wish list”. With an anniversary and birthday in November and, of course, Christmas coming up, my dear husband often asks for my “wish list” late in the fall. I had emailed him the link to this book, hoping he might get it for me for my birthday. He went one better than that! He just went ahead and ordered it for me for “no reason”!

He didn’t tell me he had ordered it, so it was a fun surprise in the mail today! “Love dat man!” (which is a quote from another OTR show…)

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  • Kimberly

    How fun!
    glad you were able to find the Eagle and set that up for your!
    Always enjoy your blog..hearing about your family in the beautiful west..if I were closer, would join you at the coffee shop! Blessings!

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