Labor Day Camping Trip

We camped at beautiful Priest Lake for the Labor Day weekend. We didn’t actually end up staying at the campsite much this time. Lyle had planned out a full itinerary of Geocaches in the area, so we did a lot of exploring. It’s such a gorgeous area, so that was a perfect plan– and the weather cooperated nicely.

Here’s the gang getting ready to set out on our first expedition…

…to this nearby scenic viewpoint. It was a moderate hike from the campground. Looks like we were all trying to capture the view through our various lenses. Maybe I should have got the photos from their phones, too. (Rebecca didn’t have a camera, so she was on the lookout for cougars. Though there was a warning sign posted about them, we didn’t see any. Thank goodness.)

The next geocache we attempted was a drive-up one. Sounds easy, right? Wrong. As we turned off the main road I asked how far it was “as the crow flies.” The answer: “Just over 3 miles.” I predicted it would take us 3 hours to find it, because even though we had two GPSs (three, if you count the phone) plus a detailed back-road atlas, we weren’t real sure just what road to follow to find the coordinates. Naturally we made several wrong turns and had to do a lot of back-tracking. I was off on my prediction by one hour– it only took us two hours to find it. It was on the top of a mountain with breath-taking views in all directions.

After we drove back down off that mountain we pursued another one that involved another quarter-mile hike to a different view of the lake. Apparently fall comes early to Priest Lake. We noticed changing foliage throughout the area.

On Monday morning we did a couple more quick and easy caches near the campground. This one was right on the lake shore. The water is so clear and pristine.

The girls caught a little frog and had to pose him on Laura’s cap before they let him go.

Besides hiking, driving, and enjoying the weather and scenery, we also had a wonderful time as a family just hanging out together and conversing around the campfire in the evenings.

Sweet memories to treasure!


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