June Adventures

During the month of June we mostly stayed close to home, though we did venture out for some fun day trips and evening activities.

Cataldo Mission

On the first Sunday of June we took a long drive through the Silver Valley following the route mapped out in our Roads Less Traveled Through the Coeur d’Alenes book. This was the Mining District tour and so fascinating. You may remember I started a blog series awhile back featuring some of the self-guided local tours featured in that book. I am eager to share this one with you as well. Soon.

Lake Coeur d'Alene sunset

One beautiful late spring evening we drove out to the lake to watch the sunset. I never ever get tired of doing that.

ATV with mountain view

Now that the snow is mostly melted off the mountains we’ve started going out on the ATV trails again. Rebecca and I take turns going with Lyle.

race track

Our treat for Lyle for Father’s Day was an evening at the Stateline Speedway. He had mentioned in passing that he thought it would be fun, so I checked into it. I noticed on their website that they invited attendees to bring their RVs as they have a large parking area with plenty of room. We only live about 10 miles from the track but I suggested to Lyle that we could take our trailer and then when I got tired of watching the races I could just go out to the trailer and hang out.

travel trailer at sunset

So that’s what we did! We got there a couple hours before the race started and had our supper in the trailer. Then we went to the races. I stayed with Lyle and Rebecca in the grandstand for an hour or so and then about sunset I hiked across the field to our little mobile home. We didn’t spend the night there, but it worked out perfectly for the evening.

Summer Time garden flag with tiger lilies

This summer is definitely going to be different than any we’ve experienced before… but each day is a gift!

What have you been up to lately?

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