In Which We Visit Yellowstone…

…and take very few pictures!

I’m working on compiling a list of museums, national parks, and other points of interest we have visited as a family. As I was working on my list I realized that a few important places were missing from my blog.

For example, I knew we had visited Yellowstone. I couldn’t remember exactly what year it was but I knew we camped in the van there one night on a cross-country road trip and saw Old Faithful.

I pulled out our photo albums this evening and discovered why I had never blogged about it! The trip was in 2001. I started dabbling with blogging in 2002 but didn’t really start doing it regularly until about 2006.

Here are my pictures and notes. I have no idea why there aren’t more pictures. We had just bought our first digital camera that year, so maybe I was still in the mindset of conserving film.

Yellowstone National Park

Our vacation for the summer of 2001 was a trip to Kansas to visit family and friends, and then on to Arkansas to the Easley family reunion.

We spent the first night camping in Yellowstone National Park.

We enjoyed driving through the beautiful scenery and visiting the Geyser Basin in the afternoon.

In the evening we hiked over to the visitor center for a ranger talk, and then cuddled down in our sleeping bags in the van for the night.

It got down to a chilly 38 degrees that July night… brrrr!!!

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