Hotel Decor

Honestly, as I’ve said before, I’m not a decorating snob. But as a detail person, I notice things. Now, I have my house decorated the way I like it, and I hope you have your house decorated the way you like it. If I come over to your house I’m going to notice your decor, but I definitely will not criticize it. We all have different tastes and I think that’s great. However, I do have to wonder sometimes, what in the world the decorator was thinking in some of the hotels we’ve stayed in. Some of you may remember my post from several years ago when I stayed in a vacation home in Florida that had a confusing collection of pictures on the walls.

On this trip we stayed in cheap motels on the days we traveled such long hours. Mainly we were looking for clean beds and hot showers. One night we walked into our room to be greeted by this garish combination of bedspread and drapes. I guess they do have some of the same colors, but I’m glad I was asleep most of the time we were there. {shudder}

We stayed in a nicer hotel the two nights we were in Loveland. The decor there was classy enough, if a little generic, and not to my tastes. However, there was this religious statue on the dresser.

I think it might be Buddha.

In any case, it’s not the God I worship, so I decided to tuck it away in a cupboard so we didn’t have to look at it all weekend. When we got ready to leave, I decided I better get it back out so the hotel wouldn’t think we had stolen it or something.

Then I got creative. Time for a conversion! I covered the statue with a pillowcase…

…and then got the Gideon Bible out of the drawer to prop on the little offering plate or whatever it is that the statue is holding.

I thought that took care of it nicely. I don’t know what the housekeeper thought when she found it, but my family thought it was funny.

I was just being a good Christian witness. {said with tongue firmly in cheek}


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