Homeschool Celebrities

It was another exhausting-but-fun weekend at the Inland Northwest Homeschool Conference. I enjoyed visiting with old friends and meeting new ones… and giving away goodies and sharing encouragement and advice.

I even got to meet a couple of minor “celebrities”! My friend, Susan Marlow, author of the Circle C Adventure books for kids had the booth across from mine. We had a great time visiting during “down” times. Her booth banner features this picture that illustrates the characters from her books. On Saturday morning, I looked across the aisle and did a double-take. The young man on the banner was standing right there in the flesh! I had forgotten that Susan said it was actually a photo of  her youngest son. So, of course, I had to go over and meet him. He was 14 in the picture. He’s 18 now and has a spiky haircut… so he looked a little different. How cool to meet Susan’s cover model! (I had met Susan last summer, otherwise I would be “bragging” about meeting her as well!)

Then on Saturday afternoon I got to meet one of the “cover models” for this year’s Sonlight catalog! This sweet family stopped by the booth and when I offered the mom a catalog, she smiled and said she didn’t need one. Then she told me it was her family on the cover! Dad and two of the girls weren’t along… but the one standing beside me in the picture to the left is the one wearing pink on the catalog cover! Her name is Camille. I had noticed that our cover family this year is from Spokane but I didn’t remember meeting them before. I had been hoping they would come to this conference so I could meet them! The mom told me the girls love to cuddle like that to be read to. Little Brother wasn’t born yet when the picture was taken. Otherwise, he might have been tucked up there somewhere, too! Camille was very impressed with the microscope I had on display, and her mom told her that maybe they could get it with part of the $500 gift certificate they won by submitting the winning photo for the catalog!

Fun times!


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