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Friday Freebies: Beach Read Edition

Hello, June! I love this season of the year… the long daylight hours and the balmy weather. (We won’t mention the 2 days this week where the temp soared above 90. That’s unusual for north Idaho and it’s already starting to cool back down to the more normal temps of daytime 70s.)

Time to start loading up the Kindle with some beach reads. Do you ever sit on the beach to read? I don’t. Or at least not very often. Mainly because I rarely go to the beach. Still, there’s a certain type of book that’s perfect for summer reading. This week’s list features beach-themed romance novels for when you’re in the mood for that genre.

Usual Disclosure: These are affiliate links which means I may earn a small commission on your Amazon purchase. Featured titles were all free when I listed them, but please double-check before you download them.

Finding Love in Seaside, Oregon

Finding Love in Seaside, Oregon by Angela Ruth Strong is a prequel novella to the Resort to Love series. It definitely qualifies as a beach read. In fact, I have actually read on the beach in Seaside. We went there for one of our “honeymoons” a few years ago. (We like to go away for our anniversary weekend, and our kids call it our honeymoon. Every time.)

“Runaway bride Christina doesn’t think life can get any worse than spending her honeymoon alone until she arrives at the Oregon Coast to find the old Victorian bed and breakfast flooded. Dave, the owner, had been asking God for a wife right before Christina sailed through the door in her wedding dress, and when his cook quits due to the broken pipe, he offers the position to Christina. Could she be an answer to his prayer?”

Devyn’s Dilemma

Devyn’s Dilemma by Susan G. Mathis looks like an interesting historical summer read. It is Book 2 of the Thousand Islands Gilded Age series.

“1910, Thousand Islands, New York. Others may consider The Towers castle on Dark Island an enchanting summer retreat, but to Devyn McKenna, it’s a prison. Yet as she works as a maid for Frederick Bourne, former president of the Singer Sewing Machine Company, her life blossoms under the kindness of his family…”

Sandover Beach Memories

Sandover Beach Memories by Emma St. Clair is Book 1 in the Sandover Island series. If that’s not a beach read, I don’t know what is.

“When Jenna returns to Sandover Island after her mother’s death, her past and future intersect in ways she couldn’t imagine… Sandover Beach Memories is the first of a series of Christian beach romances following a group of friends and their interconnected stories.”

Summer with the Marine

Summer with the Marine by Ellie Hall is Book 1 of the Blue Bay Beach Romance series. Looks like another light, fun story.

“Eisley Higgins is laid off and needs a fresh start. Her mother offers her the loft space at her new beach cottage. The last thing she wants to do is move to a retirement community in coastal Florida. She gets a job at a local restaurant and her coworkers insist she follow through with the new-employee ritual to go on a date with her first customer. She’s shocked when it turns out to be her childhood best friend.”

Summer of Dreams

Summer of Dreams by Elizabeth Camden is not beach story but it’s a light summer novella so I’m adding it to the list.

“The daughter of a powerful army general, Evelyn White dreams of attending college and vows she will never marry a man in uniform. . . . which is why West Point cadet Clyde Brixton presents a problem. Clyde’s brilliance in the new field of electrical power has him poised for a promising career in the Army’s Corps of Engineers, but his penchant for racking up demerits threatens his chances for graduation. Evelyn and Clyde feel instant attraction toward one another as they spend one magical summer together.”

Strawberry Summer

Strawberry Summer by Kaelin Scott is, again, not a beach story, but an inspirational summer novel.

“Millie and Walker grew up in the same town without ever really knowing each other. She’s the sweet girl who lives on the strawberry farm, always smiling and eager to please. He’s a self-declared outsider with no intention of letting anybody in. When an emergency arises on the farm, Millie’s family seeks Walker’s help. As he and Millie spend time together, he realizes that being alone isn’t so great after all.”

Longing for Forever

Longing for Forever by Debra Clopton is Book 1 of the Sunset Bay Romance series.

“Doctor Adam Sinclair is at a crossroads, burned-out and searching, after losing a young patient he felt he should have been able to save. He returns home to Sunset Beach searching for a way out of the dark hole he’s found himself sinking into. He agrees to help out at his mentor’s small-town family practice, a lot different than the fast-paced trauma units he’s used to. He’s not sure what life holds for him. But when he moves into a rundown beach cottage he plans to renovate and meets the ray of sunshine that is his new neighbor, his life will never be the same…”

That’s it for this week. If you missed my previous lists of free ebooks check out these posts. I’ve updated them to indicate which titles are still free.

Have a great week!

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