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Friday Freebies

Today’s round-up of free ebooks includes a murder mystery, a medical thriller, women’s fiction, Biblical fiction, and a couple of historical romance novels. In other words, something for just about everyone… or a nice variety for your Kindle if you’re an eclectic reader like I am.

Usual Disclosure: These are affiliate links which means I may earn a small commission on your Amazon purchase. Featured titles were all free when I listed them, but please double-check before you download them.

Mind Games

Update: No longer free, but available to borrow on Kindle Unlimited.

Mind Games by Nancy Mehl is Book 1 in the Kaley Quinn, Profiler trilogy from Bethany House. It looks like an intriguing murder mystery thriller with a Christian worldview.

“Kaely Quinn’s talents as an FBI behavior analyst are impossible to ignore, no matter how unorthodox her methods. But when a reporter outs her as the daughter of an infamous serial killer, she’s demoted to field agent and transferred to St. Louis.”

Informed Consent

Update: No longer free.

Informed Consent by Sandra Glahn is a medical thriller with a Christian worldview published by David C. Cook.

“Dr. Jeremy Cramer is a young doctor on the verge of a cutting-edge medical discovery. But his research is derailed when Cramer’s son is infected with a rare fatal disease. Now as he races against time to save his child’s life, Cramer will make a decision that could shatter his career.”

Lost and Found

Update: No longer free, but available on Kindle Unlimited.

I’ve read other books by Ginny L. Yttrup in the past so I’m interested in reading Lost and Found. It appears to be based on the idea from Matthew 10:29:

“Whoever finds his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life for my sake will find it.”

Pyramid of Secrets

Update: No longer free, but available on Kindle Unlimited.

Pyramid of Secrets by Tracy Higley is part of the Seven Wonders series which can be read in any order. Each novel features a different one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Pyramid of Secrets is about the building of the Egyptian pyramids. I read it a few years ago when it first came out under the title City of the Dead. (Pyramid of Secrets is a better title, don’t you think?) If you like historical fiction set in ancient times you’ll enjoy this one.

Woman of Sin

Woman of Sin by Debra B. Diaz is another historical novel set in Bible times… this one during the time of Jesus. It is the first book in a trilogy.

“Alysia of Athens, pampered daughter of a wealthy physician, is taken from her home and sold into slavery when her father is accused of treason during the turbulent reign of Tiberius Caesar… she finds herself in the battle-torn land of Palestine, where she meets a man named Jesus who will change her life forever.”

The River Between

The River Between by Jacquelyn Cook is the first book in The River series. It’s a historical romance novel set during the time of the Civil War.

“From her Alabama mansion on the banks of the Chattahoochee River, Lily watches the steamboats pass and dreams of falling in love with the perfect man, giving him her whole mind and spirit. But when the river gives her an irresistible steamboat captain, Lily is torn between him and her pledge to marry the wealthy man her parents have chosen for her.”

Where Love Calls

Update: No longer free, but available on Kindle Unlimited.

Where Love Calls by Donna Fletcher Crow is Book 6 of the Where There is Love series, but it looks like each book can stand alone. Just the premise of this one intrigues me:

“Hilda Beauchamp believes that God guides the life of every believer—and that it is her job to guide God. Hilda’s plans meet many complications, but at least one of her prayers gets answered when the winds of spiritual revival sweep England, stirred by the great evangelistic campaigns of D. L. Moody and Ira Sankey. “

If you missed my previous lists of free ebooks check out these posts. I’ve updated them to indicate which titles are still free.

Have a great week!

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