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Friday again already! How has your week been? We’ve been busy here… with both regularly scheduled and unexpected activities the past few days. The weather has been lovely for this time of year. A few sunshine-y days in a row with temps up to 60. For the first week of March in north Idaho? I’ll take it!

Let’s see what we have in the way of free e-books this week…

Usual Disclosure: These are affiliate links which means I may earn a small commission on your Amazon purchase. These were all free when I listed them, but please double-check before you download them.

Healing Her Heart

My daughter, Rebecca, is a fan of the Love Inspired Suspense series. One of her favorite authors is Laura Scott, so I was happy to nab Healing Her Heart this week. It’s Book 1 of the Crystal Lake series.

Rebecca and I reviewed a batch of Love Inspired novels awhile back, including Primary Suspect by Laura Scott. Check out our review here.

Blessing on the Run

I’ve read a few other titles by Alana Terry in the past and enjoyed them so I’m looking forward to reading Blessing on the Run. It’s about a single mom who is trying to turn her life around after living on the streets, and keep her child safe.

A Wallflower’s Wish

Update: No longer free, but available on Kindle Unlimited.

A Wallflower’s Wish by Maggie Dallen and Katherine Ann Madison looks fun for when you’re in the mood for a Regency romance. It’s actually 3 stories in one… Daisy, Lily, and Marigold are friends who attend a party together and decide they will all be wallflowers. Okay, I’ll buy that sisters could all be named after flowers… but random friends? That seems a little far-fetched. Anyway, these three flowery friends presumably end up finding husbands and are wallflowers no more. Is that too much of a spoiler? I haven’t actually read it yet, that’s just my prediction. It looks like a fun read.

If you missed my previous lists of free ebooks check out these posts:

Featured Review

In other news, NIV Bible featured my review of the Beautiful Word Coloring Bible for Girls on social media yesterday. That was pretty cool!

Interesting side note: The Post Falls Women in Business group, that I’m a member of, put together some backpacks for foster kids for a local nonprofit this past year. The organization provided a list of things for us to purchase for the backpacks including things like a change of clothes, pajamas, toiletries, a stuffed animal, etc. as well as a Bible. When I saw the request for a “teen Bible for a girl” I knew exactly what Bible to get, so I signed up for that! I would have added colored pencils as well but that was already on the list so someone else got those.

Have a great week!

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