Flathead Valley

Montana road trip

Since we had a long weekend last week Lyle planned a 2-day getaway to Flathead Valley, Montana as my birthday gift. We celebrated Thanksgiving Day (my actual birthday) with family and friends, and then left on Friday for our little trip. As is typical for November, the skies were gray as we drove but the northwestern Montana scenery is still spectacular.

Mountain Lake Lodge

Lyle had made reservations for us at Mountain Lake Lodge overlooking beautiful Flathead Lake. We were a little disappointed that we didn’t have more of a view of the lake, but it was a lovely facility in spite of that. Our room was on the ground floor. Maybe if we’d had a room in the upper level we could have seen the lake better.

fried green beans appetizer

On Friday evening we had wood-fired pizza at the sports bar there at the Lodge. We also ordered an interesting-looking appetizer of fried green beans and corn/jalapeno fritters. We both loved the fried green beans!
Wheat Montana in Kalispell

On Saturday morning we drove into Kalispell to have breakfast at the Wheat Montana Bakery & Deli.

Wheat Montana breakfast bagel

I had the bagel breakfast sandwich. It was quite as delicious as it looks!

Flathead Valley

Lyle stopped for me take pictures as we drove around. The snow-capped mountains that surrounded the valley were spectacular.

Flathead Lake

He said he would have bought this cabin for me if he had the money. We have no idea if it is is for sale or not. Doesn’t matter because we don’t have the money. Maybe that’s what my “mansion” will look like in heaven, ya think?

Flathead Valley

The scenery is somewhat similar to the scenery here in northern Idaho, except their mountains are taller.

weekend getaway

We spent most of the weekend just relaxing by the fire in our room… reading, watching sit-coms, crocheting (me, not Lyle!), talking, laughing, and just being together.

What a lovely birthday gift!


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