Finding Peace

I tend to be a worrier. It drives Lyle crazy sometimes. I think it’s a genetic thing that I inherited from my MawMaw. We used to laugh at her when she would call my dad. She’d tell him about something she was worrying about and then she’d conclude by saying, “But I’m not gonna worry ’bout that!”

That’s how I am, too. I find myself recognizing the worry and having to consciously tell myself, “But I’m not gonna worry ’bout that!”

The Secret to Peace

perfect peace

Right there is the secret to not worrying, I think. Peace comes from keeping my mind on God and trusting Him. When I find myself worrying it’s usually because I’m trusting in me (or someone else) instead of God. And that’s just crazy. I’m not nearly as trustworthy as God is. Neither is anyone else.

For today, I’m going to seek perfect peace by consciously staying my mind on God and trusting Him.

And “I’m not gonna worry ’bout that!”


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