Fall Theme Q&A

Have you ever noticed that once Labor Day weekend is over all of a sudden everything is pumpkin spice and shades of orange? Not at my house! The first day of fall comes a full 3 weeks after Labor Day so I intentionally enjoy those last 3 weeks of summer as summer.

I might rush the season when it gets to be late February and it seems like spring will never come, but I don’t rush fall. However, when fall does get here I take the time to savor the season.

Here are some of my traditions and preferences, just in case you might have been wondering.

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Favorite fall sweet treat?

Fresh apple slices dipped in hot caramel sauce.

Red, yellow or green apples?

Honeycrisp. They’re kind of an in-between color.

Favorite fall sport to play?

Are you kidding? I don’t do sports.

Best drink for fall?

Hot breve with sugar-free caramel syrup. (That’s espresso with half-and-half.)

Favorite fall activity?

Wiener roast. With s’mores.

Must-have fall purchase?

I actually need some closed-toe shoes for winter, so I guess that is a “must-have” fall purchase, right?

Pumpkins: Pick your own or store bought?

Either way.

Real or fake pumpkins?

Real. Because they aren’t terribly expensive and you don’t have to store them from one year to the next. Plus, if you get the pie pumpkins you can make pie with them after you’ve decorated with ’em for awhile.

Favorite Halloween costume?

I like non-Halloween theme costumes. Cute characters like cuddly animals, pretty princesses, and super heroes.

College football or NFL?

Not a football fan. At all.

Fall or Halloween decor?

Definitely fall. The only thing I like about Halloween decor is the jack o’lantern.

Raking leaves? Or no leaves to rake?

No leaves to rake where we currently live.

Favorite soup?

Clam chowder.

Favorite fall candle scent?

Pumpkin spice vanilla.

Love or hate pumpkin spice?

I’m ambivalent. I enjoy the flavor once in awhile but it’s not a “must have” every fall kinda thing.

Short booties or tall boots?

I’m not really much of a boot wearer, but I own a pair of tall boots and no booties, so we’ll go with that.

Favorite Halloween candy?

Candy corn. I like nibbling it off in color layers. I’ve always done it that way. It’s best in a mix of peanuts, popcorn, and M&Ms.

Pumpkin Spice Latte? Yes or No?

Eh. I usually choose caramel, but I might have one pumpkin spice latte before the season is over. Or not.

Hayride or Corn Maze?

I think maybe I’ve only ever been on one hayride… and to a corn maze only once. I choose… um… probably the hayride. They were both lots of fun, though.

Favorite fall TV show?

I’ve been in the mood to watch Newhart DVDs recently. That seems like a good choice for fall, don’t you think? With Larry and his brother Darryl and his other brother Darryl.

A good book for fall?

One of my favorites is Anne of Windy Poplars by L.M. Montgomery. It’s the one epistolary book in the series–mostly letters from Anne to Gilbert just before they are married.


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